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Hoover Dam/ Colorado River Springs
  • Arizona (Ringbolt) Hot Springs
  • Gold Strike Hot Springs
  • Boy Scout Hot Springs

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Hoover Dam, Colorado River Hot Springs

There are about three undeveloped hot springs located in the Hoover Dam area, on the Colorado River. The springs are actually just over the Arizona border, in the Willow Beach area, and are within a two hour drive from Las Vegas. These springs are accessible by primarily by boat (land routes are difficult). You can rent boats and some places will provide a map of the hot springs route.

The springs are: Arizona (Ringbolt) Hot Springs, this is the only spring that is accessible by hiking. Gold Strike Hot Springs, and Boy Scout Hot Springs, there are also sauna caves. See Map.

Essence of Tranquility Resort

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A great hot springs on a wonderful lady's land that has four tipis, a travel trailer, common house for all visitors/campers with piano, VCR, kitchen, laundry and bathroom. It has five private outdoor tubs ranging from 102 - 106* and two of them have small hot waterfalls pouring into four feet of water.

The rates are reasonable. The resort is located in Safford, AZ near Mt. Graham, the Gila Box area, and the Aravaipa Canyon and Galiuro Wilderness district, two hours from Tucson, three from Phoenix.

El Dorado Hot Springs

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Located in Tonopah, forty miles West of Phoenix or seventy-five miles East of Quartzsite, El Dorado is a rustic spa over a natural subterranean hot spring of odorless, tasteless mineral water. As nearly as possible, El Dorado offers a genuine desert hot spring soaking adventure, but with amenities, in a verdant and simple desert oasis.

The rates are reasonable. Camping is permitted. Check out their website for more info.

For more information, here are some links:

Colorado River HS Info page
Willow Beach Information on Hot Springs on the Colorado River. This site also has boat rental and lodging information, and maps.
Launch Permits Information
Department of the Interior information on permits, this page also contains a description of the trip up the river.
Map showing Hoover Dam Hot Springs

Public Lands Web Site

Public lands Organization Site
This site contains information on the following Nevada hot springs:
  • Castle Hot Springs - Hell's canyon wilderness and Lake pleasant Region are both described as being near to "castle hot springs road"
  • Hotwell Dunes Rec Area - Campground around natural Hot Springs
  • Bear Springs Badland park - With nearby hot springs at Watson Wash
  • Gila Box Riparian Conservation Area - National conservation area with nearby hot springs
  • Tonto Natural Bridge Spring - This park is known for it's Natural Bridge Geologic formation, the springs are about only 70 degrees.

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