Spring Location

Where to Begin

Begin searching on the HSE Search Page, or search for listings by state on the US Hot Springs Page. Data from these pages comes from the National Geophysical Data Center's (NGDC) Listings. They have compiled a comprehensive list of Geothermal Springs in the United States.

Obtaining a Map

Once you have located a spring and you want to know more about it, you need a map. Topographic maps of the US are now available online, and printable, at the TopoZone web site! (Thank you, TopoZone!) Click on the spring name found in the results of your search, or in the 'NGDC listings' section of the state page you are interested in. This will automatically provide the latitude and longitude coordinates needed to create a TopoZone topographic map with your spring located in the very center. Amazing! It's just like magic!

TopoZone displays detailed Quadrangle maps obtained from the United States Geological Survey (USGS). These maps contain topographical and trail information of the area where the spring is located. The map may have the spring marked on it.

You can purchase paper USGS Quad maps. Lists of map dealers who supply USGS Quadrangle maps are provided (grouped by state) on the USGS Store online (just click on "USGS Store"). You can order Quadrangle maps online there, if you know which one you are looking for. Most of the map names are listed in the tables on this site.

Topographic USGS Quad maps will show you the specific location of the spring, however you must determine it's general location. This is not difficult. My method is to go to maps.google.com, and and enter the latitude and longitude coordinates of the spring like so: "+38.168, -105.924" in the box at the top. You can then zoom out as much as is necessary to get an understanding of the spring's general location and then you can obtain the appropriate paper maps from your local map dealer or online.

Once you get on the road

Keep in mind that springs can be on private property or no longer flowing, and many other unpredictable events can occur. My philosophy is that every spring is an adventure. The spring you may find may be no more than a muddy hole, but it's still special in it's own way. Also, it's better than finding no spring at all - which will happen sometimes. But even then you're not finding nothing because, in the words of one hot springs enthusiast, "although you may climb the mountain, the hot spring is everywhere."

Some other links and things

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