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Rogers Warm Spring
Hoover Dam/ Colorado River Springs :
  • Arizona (Ringbolt) Hot Springs
  • Gold Strike Hot Springs
  • Boy Scout Hot Springs


Hoover Dam, Colorado River Hot Springs

It should be mentioned that there are about three undeveloped hot springs located in the Hoover Dam area, on the Colorado River. The springs are actually over the Arizona border, in the Willow Beach area, but are within a two hour drive from Las Vegas. These springs are accessible by primarily by boat (land routes are difficult). You can rent boats and some places will provide a map of the hot springs route.

The springs are: Arizona (Ringbolt) Hot Springs, this is the only spring that is accessible by hiking. Gold Strike Hot Springs, and Boy Scout Hot Springs, there are also sauna caves.

Map showing Hoover Dam Hot Springs

For more information, here are some links:

NEW! - A Journey in Geological Time - Travel Blog by Howard Goldbaum
Check out this well-done website! It has excellent photos, descriptions and Quicktime animations of numerous remote and rustic hot springs in Nevada!
Colorado River HS Info page
Willow Beach Information on Hot Springs on the Colorado River. This site also has boat rental and lodging information, and maps.

Public lands Organization Site
This site contains information on the following Nevada hot springs:
  • Ash Springs - A warm spring for swimming, located in Ash Springs Wildlife Area.
  • Hot Creek - A hot spring with campground nearby, located in the Kirch Wildlife Management area.
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