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Build your own Hot Tub
Creative and thrifty methods, link to Robert's Hot Tub's and more.
Locating a Hot Spring
General notes on locating a spring.

General Hot Springs Links

Soak Net
THE site for dialogue among Hot Springs enthusiasts. A great online community of folks.
Aqua Thermal Access Publishers
This is where you can find Hot Springs and Hot Pools of the Northwest (includes East of the Rockies) and Hot Springs and Hot Pools of the Southwest. These books are THE overall guides to Hot Springs in the US. Also check out their links page.
Hot Springs Maps
Some nice interactive hot springs maps featuring springs in: California, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, Idaho and Arkansas
Hot Springs Gazette
The Gazette is a quarterly guide book to Hot Springs. It gives info on available geothermal material, where to get maps, directions to springs, what to look for along the way, what to avoid, who to contact, where to find free camping and more.
Northwest Natural Hot Springs
Washington, Oregon and British Columbia Hot Springs, and discussion area.
Oscar's Hot Springs Pages
Oscar Voss has visited many Hot Springs all over the Western US and Canada. He has nice photos and reviews.
Swimming Holes East
Not necessarily Hot Springs, but this is a site packed with cool places to swim in the Eastern US.
Steve Karl's California Natural Springs Page
Though his information focuses on California springs, this is a well put-together site that includes great general information and links as well.

Other Miscellaneous Links

Spa Goer Website
Bernard Burt reviews spas worldwide


Links to pages and sites that are specific to a particular spring or state can be found on that state's individual page.

International links can be found on the International links page.

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