Build Your own Hot Tub

Creative and Thrifty Ideas

A hot tub can be constructed from any container large enough to hold you and able to tolerate hot water. When hot tubs first started becoming popular in California in the 60's, the ideal tub was considered to be an old redwood wine vat. People would scour the countryside looking for these abandoned vats, dismantle them, and turn them into soaking havens. Hence the popularity of the redwood tub in California.

However, the availability of discarded wine vats is limited, so fortunately there are other possibilities. Actually, the possibilities are nearly endless! For the relative novice, there are hot tub kits that come with everything you need to construct a beautiful wooden hot tub in your home. This is surprisingly inexpensive when you compare it to the prices of the popular fiberglass Jacuzzi spas. Many hot springs enthusiasts prefer the natural feel of simple wooden tub to these new fangled fancy superjet models, because it feels more like a hot spring, and elicits a feeling of tranquility in the soaker. One site that contains such tubs that you assemble yourself is Robert's Hot Tubs. I am sure that if you search, you can find others.

The two articles here present some creative and thrifty methods. Both are republished by permission from Backwoods Home Magazine.

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